At CRLF, you will find a team of attorneys who can fight for your rights and pursue the best possible outcome for your situation. All the lawyers of the firm are devoted to their areas of practice and work as a team to help clients achieve their goals. The lawyers actively seek to broaden their knowledge of their practice areas by continuing legal education.

We aim at assisting our clients in several ways:

Creating options, achieving realistic and attainable goals, and offering guidance to assist decision-making in a commercial context;

Assisting our corporate, industrial and commercial clients to manage their internal processes; addressing regulatory compliance issues; providing legal advice on contracts and disputes which encompasses corporate structuring, buying and selling businesses;

terms of trade – both online and offline; framing and prepare business contracts; managing and assisting in resolving commercial disputes; and technology licensing transactions;

Assisting our clients from national and international non-governmental organizations with advice and guidelines on registration, renewal of registration, developing constitutions, rules and regulation, contracts and employment laws.

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