Legal translation consists of the translation of texts that are legal in nature, such as statutes, contracts, patents, wills etc. Due to the nature of this work, it deals with a lot of legal terms and issues. The documents that are submitted for legal translation are later used in legal proceedings therefore the initial meaning, in the original format must be maintained.Suhaila is mainly experienced in:

  • Translate into Arabic from English and from English into Arabic documents of various types, including documents of confidential, sensitive or classified nature;
  • Translate a wide range of documents covering a variety of subjects including, legal, technical, political, etc. in such a manner that the translation will be a finished product ready for publication (camera-ready finished product);
  • Conduct terminological and reference research;
  • Resolve translation/editorial issues (i.e. clarification on ambiguities, technical meanings, etc.) through consultation with the client or author of the document);
  • Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.